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Award for Best Website Developed on Microsoft Technology

Posted in Business, Me by Homam Hosseini on May 1, 2009


Hmm, Thanks for these awards I have cool subjects to post.

It’s a few days I’m receiving e-mails from a girl, saying we both were going to the same kindergarten 🙂 My mom was working there. I enjoyed the conversation so far, it’s interesting to find a person who seems to know you after years, whilst you remember nothing at all.

I had time to watch some shows of American Idol today, comparing to the last year I totally missed it, and not surprisingly I found myself a fan of Adam.

I am getting worried about the path the business people are taking in our company, in many ways I am completely in disagreement with them. This week I have to concentrate to bring some changes to the company business. Actually I started by changing the layout (physical!) of my department; we changed the position of tables, we bought a whiteboard and for the first time I have a well-defined schedule covering all the days till the end of the week. But still I have to force the business to take a look at the state and the way they are taking from an outsider perspective. For me it’s very wrong, I have to fix it.