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Two in morning and…

Posted in Business, Company, Me by Homam Hosseini on October 25, 2009

It’s two in morning and I can’t sleep.
Today we moved part of Hyzonia, essentially its Core and global services to a new server. Finally. It’s a Windows 2008, and I quite surprised how smooth this transition was, so far.

I’m trying to stimulate! the moods in the company. I’m trying to be more passionate, talk and make people talk more. The goal is to make most of everybody’s intelligence. Everyone should feel she has an effect on business decisions. I don’t need man power, I need mind power. It requires quite a force to shake this high inertia, change opposing company. I’m relaxing many rules, and I’m handing over many decision making tasks to my team. We gotta be a team that play together with our minds not our muscles. I’m already seeing some results and I expect to observe a measurable improvement in a matter of few weeks. We are starting new exciting projects, some of them are just show-offs (read it releases) and some are absolutely new crazy wild ideas.

Sometime I feel I’ve lost much of my passions, but I’m trying hard to prove it’s a wrong, evil feeling. Most of all Richard Dawkins is helping me to remember I supposed to be more a scientist than a boring business man.

My team is energized since we got somebody in NetAd to work with our game customization API. Back in two week ago I was arguing that the whole customization API was a waste of time, I was thinking nobody will use it and eventually it would be our job to customize the games. I’m happy (indeed) that I was wrong. And you know there’s nothing more funnier, more relaxing than being happy because you were wrong.

Anyway, we launched HyzoGames that contains some samples of the customized games. We’re trying to keep Hyzonia Twitter account active. So if you care, follow us there. 🙂

No, I can’t take it anymore, ‘night!


Why make an advergame for Hyzonia?

Posted in Architecture, Business, Coding, Development, Internet by Homam Hosseini on August 14, 2009

We have been working on a few cool features of Hyzonia in the past weeks. Hyzonia is a next generation internet ad service. Like traditional ad services Hyzonia receives advertisements from advertisers and distribute them in websites. But the ad materials in Hyzonia are not in the form of traditional banner or text ads. The ads would be placed inside games, in a way that players would interact and engage with the promoted subjects. This kind of games is being called an advergame. I don’t want to dig into the marketing stuff, but it worths mentioning that one interesting feature of Hyzonia is that it makes it easier for advertisers to utilize the power of advergaming, for less, as Hyzonia is providing a rich set of ready-to-use advergames. Using Hyzonia customers do not need to pay big moneys to interactive software companies to make and host an advergame as part of their online campaign.

We already have built a number of  favorite games, but Hyzonia is extensible by nature, meaning that it is easy to create an advergame for Hyzonia or integrate an already built game into it. Like almost every big web business we know, we found it is crucial for Hyzonia to be extensible and customizable. Hence we spent the last few weeks on making final touches on the first version of our APIs, improving security and testing it all by making sample games.

It’s no myth that most succesful indie developers are game makers. If you have some good ideas, you may find your two-week project shining on the top lists in Xbox Live or Apple Store.

In comparison with those programs, in Hyzonia you will start earning from the moment your game is added in the system. It would be based on a revenue sharing model, so as long as your game is attractive for promoters there would be some campaigns active in some instances of your game and a revenue stream for you. On the other hand contrary to Miniclip or Pogo, Hyzonia is not a single game portal, your game eventually will be displayed in our publishers’ websites. Hyzonia is a service that provides the infrastructure needed for this communication among advertisers, publishers, and developers to happen.

Currently in addition of standard Web Service interfaces we are providing .NET libraries that encapsulate all the basic functionalities that an advergame in Hyzonia platform should support. One exciting news is that you don’t need to make everything from scratch using Hyzonia APIs, but the required functionalities of an advergame in Hyzonia have been designed in a way to make it possible to take virtually any game, wrap it inside a shell (we call Island) and have it added in Hyzonia. The .NET libraries that we are shipping as part of the API have all the functionalities needed by this shell.

Because of its service oriented architecture, Hyzonia advergames (Islands) could be anywhere in the internet. But currently we are only activating the games that have been hosted physically in our datacenters, although exactly like a banner ad (hosted let’s say by DoubleClick) they could be displayed on other websites.

Obviously not any game can be converted into an advergame. This is another issue that we are adderssing it in the guidelines that will be released alongside the APIs.

A thousand words: Hyzonia connects developers, advertisers and websites.

Lecture in UOWD

Posted in Company, Dubai by Homam Hosseini on July 4, 2009

Reza, our business dev manager, has a lecture on advergaming in UOWD. Everybody’s welcome to join: http://blog.hyzonia.com

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